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Oxfordshire Labour Market Information has been compiled to bring to young people’s attention the jobs in demand and enterprise opportunities across the county, now and in the future. Our aim is to broaden young people’s knowledge and understanding of our labour market, raise their aspirations and help them plan their career pathways based on high quality, up to date, locally relevant information.

Building on the success of the last Winter and Summer editions, this Summer 2015 issue contains:

  • An infographic and overview of the Oxfordshire economy
  • A look at the top jobs most in demand locally
  • A section on future jobs

Whilst the focus of our LMI bulletin is young people, the information and intelligence in this report is equally applicable to all.

Click on the 3 infographics below for an overview of the Oxfordshire economy, job scene and future respectively, while the report itself gives you deeper information of the whole Oxfordshire labour market. 



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