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Inspiring your students!


If you're a teacher, a school coordinator or someone else working in education, you'll understand the importance of interactions with the world of work for your students. These interactions with employers and industry professionals inspire students to understand the applicability of the subjects you're teaching them. Interactions inform young people of the wide range of career options on their horizon - and, crucially, how their learning can pave the way to those careers. And beyond all this, interactions with a variety of external professionals support and stengthen students' employability skills and build confidence. 

We understand that you often lack the time to harness the power of local employers and businesses to bring them into your classroom. That's why O2i has made it really simple :


1) Register with us

2) Post an Opportunity 

3) Wait for volunteers from business to contact you and confirm their attendance.


It's so simple to offer Oxfordshire businesses and employers the opportunities to inspire your students and enrich your lessons, so get involved!


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