O2i FAQs

What is O2i?

O2i is an inclusive strategic approach to education-employer links in Oxfordshire. O2i offers an online platform which brokers and facilitates education and employer links across all partners.

Who supports O2i’s work?

We’re lucky to have so many people and organisations who care passionately enough to support our important work. Oxfordshire LEP support our work generally across Oxfordshire. We deliver the O2i Adviser programme on behalf of the Careers and Enterprise Company who offer us great support.  

What is an O2i Opportunity?

On the O2i website, you will find two kinds of Opportunities : There will be Requests - posted on behalf of schools - for a volunteer from business to engage with their students. There will be Offers, posted by a volunteer from business, offering interaction with students.

Opportunities come in many shapes and sizes. Some examples of O2i Opportunities are:

  • Talks in schools
  • Taking part in classroom debates on a range of topics (one volunteer recently took part in an ethics debate to show how ethics impacts on professional decision-making!)
  • Careers and / or CV Mentoring
  • Mock Interviews
  • Offering work experience
  • Opening up a place of business for a class site-visit
  • Proposing real-world challenges / competitions for students to solve as a project
  • Demonstration of workplace equipment or products

These are just basic ideas and schools and volunteers can work together to see what fits everyone best.

What is a volunteer from business?

A volunteer from business is an individual from any business sector or profession who volunteers their time and knowledge to work with schools / students. Their primary focus is informing and inspiring young people about their profession or engaging students in such a way as to naturally enhance their employability skills and awareness of Oxfordshire's future job market.

Resources for volunteers are available in the O2i Volunteer section of this website, offering ideas for classroom participation and engagement.

What commitment is expected in a volunteer from business?

O2i recognises that VFBs have many demands on their time and we only ask for as much or as little as each individual can manage – flexible involvement is key.

What are O2i’s main priorities?

O2i will focus on supporting secondary schools with activities that:

  • develop employability skills,
  • promote local growth sectors/sectors of skills shortage as career/training choices and
  • enhance careers education, information, advice and guidance

How do I get involved?

First step : Register either as a volunteer from business or as a teacher / person working in education.

Once you have submitted your registration form, O2i will be in touch to approve your registration and you’ll soon be able to post and respond to opportunities.

What should I include on my O2i Profile?

Add your name and organisation and make sure to include a photo. Other members of the O2i community are more likely to respond to people they can picture!

Don’t just tell us broad facts about your school or business, Do include fascinating insights into your business, your preferences and what you’re hoping to get from the O2i Experience.

Make sure your profile is as complete as possible, and link to your LinkedIn profile and other social networks for maximum engagement!

What if I’d like to keep up with O2i but don’t want to Register?

You can keep up to date by subscribing to the O2i newsletters, link with us on Linkedin, Twitter or Facebook  or contact us for a chat

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