Oxfordshire Labour Market Information

The purpose of labour market information is to inform young people, and those that advise young people, including parents, of the job opportunities and employment landscape of Oxfordshire, now and in the future. As our economy grows there is increased demand from local employers for people to fill jobs, alongside an increasing number of people who choose self-employment. Our aim is to broaden young people’s knowledge and understanding of our labour market, raise their aspirations and help them plan their career pathways based on high quality, locally relevant information.

This LMI bulletin is for teachers, careers advice workers, others working with young people, parents and carers and those with an interest in young people’s employment choices and career pathways. It is a tool to be used for educational or guidance purposes. By gaining a better understanding of the local job market  - what jobs are currently in demand and how jobs are changing - young people and those who advise them will be better able to make informed decisions about their educational options and how these may be linked to future career opportunities.

The Winter 2016 Bulletin is now available!

LMI bulletin - Full Online Version
LMI bulletin - Full Printable Version

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